FreightEze Features

General Information

FreightEze is a subscription service that allows manufacturers and other shippers to effectively manage their shipping costs by providing a simple method of determining the most advantageous carrier option for each particular load.

Carrier Selection

Upon subscribing to FreightEze, you’re asked to select up to 8 carriers that you prefer and most typically use to accommodate your shipping needs. These carriers are then tagged to your account in the FreightEze database, along with the specific discounts that you’ve negotiated with each carrier.

Origination and Destination

The first step in establishing the most effective shipment option is to enter the origination and destination zip codes for that particular load.

Shipment Details

Shipment details are specified by using a combination of pull down menus and quick numeric entries. Items such as truck type, shipment classification, weight of the shipment are required but you may also use cube dimensions, number of cases, number of pallets, and other special needs. You’re almost done!

Price Your Shipment

Click the ‘calculate’ button to see your carrier pricing options. View the proposed shipping costs for each of your preferred carriers. The system takes into account the base rates by carrier for that route using your negotiated discount, accessorials and Fuel Surcharge. Select the carrier for your shipment. Click on your chosen carrier, enter a Bill of Lading number and go to the carrier website to book the load.



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